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Brad Davenport
• 11/28/2014

Updates and lack thereof

Since the airing of Danse Vaudou, contributors may have noticed the lack of updates to most character pages. 


Because I'm busy. 
The past few weeks have been quite busy for me. Since my exams are less than five months away, I'm having to study and attend classes from 9:30 AM all the way to 6 PM. That, and I'm taking one extra class to make my University application pretty. I also only have one day off from classes. 
I initally had seven hours of free time everyday, and two days off from classes, which was plenty of time for me to get a vast number of things completed on the wiki. 

Why don't I just work on the wiki on my free day?

Being the head admin and bureaucrat on this wiki has bestowed an abundance of responsibility onto me. 
Responsibility is boring. I'd rather spend my one free day enjoying myself, than spend hours rewatching episodes and updating pages on a wiki that barely peaks at five thousand views.

Why not give the responsiblity to the other admin?

The other admin, JacksonVK, is also busy, for various reasons. 

Regardless to this sarcastic address to a serious matter, I will get things done, just not very soon. I also encourage whoever reads this to make an ample number of edits to the wiki, so long as you do it neatly.

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Brad Davenport
• 11/29/2014

um you created the wiki.Wikia was not ment as a responsibility.Wikia can be edited by all.

Bout' the barely 5000 wievs.I see that Constantine is not as popular as we think.Share the word,spread.Omega maybe you can make me a temporary admin.

• 12/8/2014

Trust of adminship is not freely given.

Make enough thorough, important edits through a course of time and you may get your rights.

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