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Angela Dodson
Angela Dodson.jpg
General Information
Gender Female
Hair color Brunette
Eye color Blue
Status Alive
Allies & Enemies
Family Isabel Dodson (Twin Sister)
Allies John Constantine
Enemies Lucifer
Appears in Constantine
Constantine: The Novelization
Constantine: The Videogame
Portrayer Rachel Weisz

I always denied I could see.

— Angela Dodson, Constantine

Detective Angela Dodson is a troubled LAPD Detective investigating what she believes to be the murder of her twin sister, Isabel.


Early Life[]

Angela and Isabel are very powerfull identical twin psychics. Isabel accepted her gifts while Angela rejected them, eventually causing them to go dormant. The lack of support Isabel received from Angela about what they both knew they were seeing caused not only a huge rift in their relationship but also is a major factor in Angela's guilt over Isabels suicide. Not much is known about her parents. Just a handful of assumptions; they were fearful of Isabels claims of whats she was seeing (half-breeds, ghosts, other supernatural entites). This suggests the relationship with her parents is, at the very least, strained. Given what they were dealing with, it's difficult to tell from just the movie what kind of parents they really were; they did care we know that much. Angela Dodson character seens to be loosely based on Angie Spatchcock from the comics, and her sister, Isabel, on Angie's brother, Jason, who is a paranoid schizophrenic.


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  • In the Newsletter shown in the movie about Isabel is written that she died at 30 years old. Meaning that Angela is around 30 years old during the movie.



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