Anne Marie
General Information
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Status Alive
Species Human
Affiliations John Constantine

Catholic Church

Allies & Enemies
Family Unknown
Allies John Constantine
Enemies Vincente

Lamasthu Invunche Pazuzu

Series Information
Season(s) 1
First episode The Saint of Last Resorts - Part 1
Last episode The Saint of Last Resorts - Part 2
Portrayer Claire van der Boom

Anne Marie is a nun and is John Constantine's former lover.

Biography Edit

Early LifeEdit

Anne Marie met John when she was a teenager, and was the one to introduce him to the occult. They eventually fell in love for each other, and eventually had a one night stand. John left her because he could care about her.

Newcastle IncidentEdit

Anne was present at Newcastle, where a young girl named Astra was damned to hell along with John's soul. The incident traumatised her, forcing her to become a nun in order for her to pay for her sins. She then swore she would kill John if she ever saw him again.

History Edit

She reaches out for John's help, using the power of bilocation. Anne Marie states that she needed an exorcist at the convent. John flirts with her throughout the entire episode, even though she resisted it, because she thought he was unable to care. A chat with Chas made her realize that John pushed her away because she managed to get too close to him. She was under the notion that John doesn't care about people because it interferes with his job.

Nethertheless, Anne Marie agrees to act as a bait to catch Lamashtu, before that she talks to John and explains why she hates him so much; he is her failure, and she blames herself for introducing him to magic. They kiss, and follow the plan.

The plan leads them to the Lamashtu's lair, where they finally send her to hell. Unfortunately on the way out, they encounter an Invunche. In order to save herself and the baby, Anne Marie shoots John in the abdomen and leaves him to die.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Bilocation
    Bilocation - Anne Marie is the only character, until now, that has the ability to be in two places at the same time. This ability allows her to project a physical, but unstable form of her body.