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Chas Chandler
Chas Chandler TV Promo Photo NBC.jpg
General Information
Gender Male
Hair color Brunette
Eye color Blue
Status Alive
Species Human
Affiliations Himself
Allies & Enemies
Allies John Constantine
Zed Martin
Jim Corrigan
Series Information
Season(s) 1
First episode Non Est Asylum
Portrayer Charles Halford

Chas Chandler is John Constantine's oldest friend and driver. He is portrayed by Charles Halford


Early Life[]


"Non Est Asylum"[]

Chas appears the first time in "Non Est Asylum" driving John to different places in a taxi. Chas first subtly appears entering Liv Aberdine's apartment building where he engraves the Eye of Horus on Liv's front door.

Later, near Liv's workplace, Chas is introduced to her by John. He expresses his gladness of her safety. Afterwards, while driving to Jasper Winter's house, the taxi is hit by a large lorry. Chas manages to free Liv from the taxi, however, gets impaled by an electric wire controlled by a demon.

Later, Chas, somehow survives and is seen in Jasper's house. John explains to a startled Liv that "There's a reason Chas is my oldest friend, he has survival skills". Chas is seen again in a pub, giving John a map that Liv scried upon and informing his friend that Liv is not going to stay with them.

"The Darkness Beneath"[]

Chas wins the daily lottery at John's suggestion, which funds John's travel expenses to Hettich. Chas does not follow John due to a past experience involving a Succubus and a train derailment.

"The Devil's Vinyl"[]

Chas has a hard time trusting Zed. He helps John exorcise The Devil's Vinyl by sacrificing himself.[1]

"Danse Vaudou"[]

Chas helps John deal with ghosts in New Orleans. Chas dies during his first confrontation murderous ghost, however, manages to subdue it after the second time.[2]


  • Resurrection - Due to a spell cast upon him by John, Chas has been embedded with the lives and souls of 47 people who died during a club fire. As a result, for every time that he is killed, he is brought back using one of the remaining 47 lives. His body will as a result will heal itself back to normal, regardless of the extent of his injuries. For example, having his throat slit and dying from blood loss, will result, after a period of time, for the cut to close up and his body to return to life. However, if the death is more vicious and destructive, it takes longer for his body to revive itself. For example, when he blew himself up alongside Felix Faust, it took an entire night and morning for him to resurrect.
    • Healing Factor - Chas can also heal from minor injuries without leaving a scar.


  • His movie-counterpart is named Chas Kramer
  • Chas has a daughter and an Ex-Wife.
  • As of Quid Pro Quo, Chas has 30 remaining lives left before he will experience his final death.


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