Christianity is an abrahamic religion practiced by human individuals on Earth One, Earth Two, Earth Nineteen and Earth Thirty-Eight. A person who practices Christianity, regardless of ethnicity, is considered Christian.

History Edit

The worship of Christ has existed for millennia. The religion was spread by Jesus Christ, recognized as the Messiah and an avatar and son of God by his supporters, and as a madman by the Roman authorities, who executed him on a cross.[1] Jesus's miraculous resurrection then became the basis for the religion. Christianity is not a unified religious, and has different sects, each with its own leadership and organization, such as the Catholic Church, the First Assembly of Godand the Resurrection Crusade. While Jesus's artifacts were part of both Judean and Christian lore, Jesus wasn't recognized as God in Judaism.

Worshipers of Christianity celebrate the birth of Jesus, known as Christmas every year.[2] The holiday became so widespread that it is celebrated even by non-religious people, although strong practitioners of Judaism may refuse to acknowledge Christmas.