Constantine Wiki

The following policies are editing rules that every is expected to follow. Please take time to read through these as they are crucial in keeping the wiki clean and consistent.


The correct use of references is necessary on every page.

Character Pages

When writing down a paragraph explaining a character's actions, {{Ep|EpisodeName}}</ref> is to be added at the end of the paragraph.

 Creating Pages

Pages should not be created when little information is provided on the page's subject. This is to avoid creating a clutter of empty pages that will not benefit the reader.


  • Creating a page for a character and only filling out basic things such as the character's description.
  • Creating a mythology page, such as a magical weapon, when little information has been provided for the object. In this situation, there should be a page that houses information for minor objects.

Spelling and Grammar

All pages should be written in proper English. Edits that are incomprehensible will be reverted by either administrators or users with rollback rights.

Use of Past and Future Tense

Future information should be written in future tense. For anything that has already occurred, past tense is to be used For anything that is current, present tense should be used.


  • Jim Corrigan WILL become The Spectre. (Future Tense)
  • Chas Kramer WAS a human. (Past Tense)
  • John Constantine IS an Exorcist. (Present Tense)

Adding Images

Main policy here


The image within an infobox should not be changed without an admin's consent. This is to avoid users from uploading low-quality images to articles.


Users, when adding images to a gallery, should not tamper with the gallery's options. Users are not to change the layout of the gallery, the spacing between images, and thumbnail size.

Users are also asked to avoid adding small images and low-quality images.