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Father Hennessy
Father Hennessy.png
General Information
Gender Male
Hair color Bald
Eye color Dark Brown
Status Deceased
Species Human
Affiliations Himself
Allies & Enemies
Allies Chas Kramer
John Constantine
Enemies Lucifer
Appears in Constantine
Constantine: The Novelization
Portrayer Pruitt Taylor Vince

Father Hennessy was an alcoholic priest with the rare ability to communicate with the dead. He constantly drinks in order to "keep the voices out". His death was caused by Balthazar, who used his influential power to make him drown himself in alcohol.


Father Hennessy and John Constantine knew each other prior to the events of the film. John cared deeply for Hennessy as seen when he is upset by his death.[1]


Father Hennessy is initially seen helping John exorcise a Demon possessing a girl somewhere in Los Angeles. After discovering that it was a full-fledged demon possessing the girl, John asks Hennessy for a favour. John asks him to listen to the ether for anything unusual, and he reluctantly obliges.

He is later seen in his bedroom listening to the ether while running his hand over several newspapers. He stops once his hand comes across a column about a suicide. Later, Hennessy visits the morgue where he examines Isabel Dodson's body. Hennessy clutches Isabel's arm and discovers something frightening. Hennessy subsequently rushes to a nearby convenience store.

In the store, Hennessy rushes around trying to grab a drink, but the liquid inside the bottles doesn't come out. He stumbles around until he finally falls to the floor. Before he dies, Hennessy repeatedly stabs his palm, drawing out a symbol.


  • His death is quite ironic, given the fact that he was trying to ingest alcohol until evidently, drowning himself in it.