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"Final Girl" is the unproduced fourteenth episode of Constantine.[1] Due to the series being cancelled, the episode never made production, but a script was completed.[2]

Plot outline[]

Manny has sent Constantine and Zed to investigate activity at Vision Trail, where they have a run in with a Meat Cutter, and are saved by Judith.

Series developments[]

  • Constantine begins to suspect that Manny has an agenda on Earth.
  • Judith is a friend of Constantine's from "way back." They "knocked about in the London club scene when debauchery was revered." She is a psychic from Ohio, who has precognitive dreams.
  • Judith was also present at the Newcastle incident. After the crew fell apart, she returned to Ohio, where her psychic abilities put her into the head of a killer zombie farmer, who she hunted down and beheaded. She made a profession of hunting down "Meat Cutters" with her katana since.
  • Chas is absent, having gone out of town during Constantine's reunion with Judith.
  • Constantine can perform hypnosis with his voice, and uses it to help Judith get to sleep.
  • Constantine suspects that the Brujeria are creating the Meat Cutters. When he finds out that "necro magik" is the source, he concludes that Judith is the guilty party, though by accident.
  • Constantine displays quick defensive skill with a machete. His sword fighting acumen would later appear in the canon episode, "Haunted".
  • Judith mentions a "Frank" as being a part of the Newcastle Crew, and also reveals that Constantine was the gang's founder.
  • To remove Astra Logue's death from her final judgment slate, Judith performed a ritual outside the prison of a killer on death's row before his execution, but the Rising Darkness interfered with the ritual and empowered the killer to be reborn in freshly dead bodies.
  • A flock of crows swarm together to form a black cloud due to the Rising Darkness.

Series connections[]

  • Constantine references Manny destroying the Scry Map, which he did in "Waiting for the Man".
  • Zed alludes to the others in the Newcastle Crew. She has previously met Gary Lester in "A Feast of Friends", Anne Marie Flynn in "The Saint of Last Resorts", and Ritchie Simpson in "A Whole World Out There".
  • Judith mentions Constantine having himself committed to an asylum, which he had done some time before "Non Est Asylum".
  • Judith tells Constantine his original music was his best. His musical background was revealed in "The Devil's Vinyl".
  • Constantine informs Judith of Gary's passing, which happened in "A Feast of Friends". He also mentions Ritchie from "A Whole World Out There", and Anne Marie's conversation to a nunnery, which he found out in "The Saint of Last Resorts".
  • Constantine gives Zed the loadstone and nails he retrieved from St. Puado's coffin in "A Feast of Friends".


  • This episode is debatably non-canon in the shared multiverse since it was never produced.

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