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Isabel Dodson
Isabel Dodson.png
General Information
Gender Female
Hair color Brunette
Eye color Blue
Status Deceased
Species Human
Affiliations Herself
Allies & Enemies
Family Angela Dodson (Sister)
Enemies Lucifer
Appears in Constantine
Constantine: The Novelization
Portrayer Rachel Weisz

Isabel Dodson was a powerful psychic with the inborn ability to see supernatural entities such as half-demons and half-angels. She was later damned to Hell for committing suicide and then sent to Heaven because of John Constantine's self-sacrifice.


Isabel was Angie Dodson's identical twin sister. The two shared a very close bond, which extended beyond the normal "twin bond" because they were both very powerful psychics.[1]


Prior to the events of the film, Isabel was committed to a psychiatric hospital for two weeks. Her mental health fluctuated, sometimes it would improve, sometime it would get worse.

Isabel woke up one night in her room for an unknown reason. She then walked to the roof of the hospital where she took off her patient ID tag and subsequently jumped to her death. Her body was later recovered floating in the hospital's swimming pool.

Later on, when John Constantine astral projects himself into hell, Isabel greets him. Some time later, she is sent to heaven by Lucifer because of John's self-sacrifice.


  • Although Isabel killed herself, she did so to prevent Mammon from using her to pass onto Earth's plane. Thus, her suicide could be considered Self-Sacrifice.