Jesus Christ, known as the Messiah and the Nazarene, is the son of God. Born a human, killed by the Romans but resurrected, he presumably returned to Heaven. Afterwards, he became the object of worship for the religion of Christianity, among its sub-sects being the Catholic Church and the First Assembly of God. Jesus's birthday is a commonly celebrated holiday on Earth One and Earth Thirty-Eight, under the name of Christmas. Christ's name also had such derivatives as the verb "to christen" and the noun "Crusade".

Biography Edit

Christ's birthday is considered the basis for the calendar, with years before it written as "BC" (Before Christ), and years after written as "AD" (After Death). According to historians such as Clifford DeVoe, the Messiah wasn't actually born during winter, which is when the holiday Christmas celebrates his birthday, but in spring, which can be verified by studying the constellation patterns.[1] Unlike other creations of God, Jesus is considered to be both human, and yet also God Himself. According to Rip Hunter, the birth, life and death of Jesus Christ is an extremely important and fragile time period, forbidden for all time travelers to visit, as the events regarding Jesus's life had to proceed without alterations.[2]Living in the Roman province of Judea, Jesus became a visionary, to whom Damien Darhk's followers compared their leader. He has become known publicly as the Messiah, and was also referred to as the Nazarene. Considering Jesus a liar, the Roman authorities executed him, crucifying Jesus on a cross, which would later become a holy symbol for Christian churches.[3][4][1]

The spear of the Roman Legionnaire Longinus was used to penetrate the side of Christ after he died on the cross. This spear, after contact with Jesus's divine blood, became an artifact of great power, as it was able to alter reality akin to God, thus forever becoming known as the Spear of Destiny.[2][4] After his death, Jesus was reportedly resurrected, rising from the grave, meeting his followers on Earth once again, and went to Heaven. Jesus's resurrection was one of the basic teachings of Christianity and was seen as a show of great divine power, which allowed Ray Palmer to restore the vikings' faith in Jesus through the "resurrection" of Beebo, who encouraged them to believe in Jesus as the one true God, but remember that evolution is also real, which, given the presence of dinosaurs, hold true in the shared multiverse.[5]