Jim Corrigan
Jim Corrigan
General Information
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Grey
Status Alive
Species Humans
Affiliations Police
Allies & Enemies
Allies John Constantine
Zed Martin
Chas Chandler
Series Information
Season(s) 1
First episode A Feast of Friends
Portrayer Emmett Scanlan

Jim Corrigan is a is a New Orleans homicide detective. Jim was recently introduced to the supernatural by John Constantine, and helped the latter solve a case involving ghosts.

He is portrayed by Emmett Scanlan

History (spoiler warning)Edit

"Danse Vaudou"Edit

Jim witnesses the murder of a young woman, killed by a ghost. Later, he meets John Constantine who help him solve the case with the help of Chas and Zed.

In the beginning he think John and his crew are a fraud but he is forced to beileve them after seeing the ghosts in person. Before they leave, Zed has a vision of him close to death while beeing surrounded by a green halo, possessing his body.

"Waiting for the Man"

Jim calls John for help after the disappearance of a young girl. They solve the case together but it turns out that this was the act of a man and not of a demon. After talking with John he let the murderer go, only for the man to get shot. It is unclear if Jim or John shot the man as we only hear the gunshot.

At the end of the episode Zed shared his visons with him while they're at a bar. He kisses her in response replying he must enjoy the time he has left.


  • In the DC Comics, Jim eventually becomes the super hero, The Spectre, a spirit who exacts justice in gruesome ways.
  • At the end of "Danse Vaudou", Zed has a vision of Jim dying while being possessed by a green light entering his body. This a likely a flashforward about his future as the Spectre.
  • Some of Zed's visions about him seem to indicate that he was raised by an abusive father. (Season 1, Episode 5: "Danse Vaudou")


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