In the Constantine (TV Series), several magics appear, including spells and curses, in all episodes. Follow a list of the magics in all the series episodes:

List of MagicsEdit

Blood OathEdit

This Spell allows a magical pact between two people. Through an enchant, a wound appears on the hands of the two and they shake hands, completing the spell. After the two do something for one another, the Spell effect ends.


The Capnomancy, although it's not a exact magic, is the ability to forecast the future through the movements of rising smoke.

Cloaking SpellEdit

This spell serves to change the appearance of something, and make it seem like another thing. Can be used to occult something.

Demon SealEdit

The Demon Seals are marks used to trap Demons inside of them and subdue them to the will of the Seal maker. There exists several of them, some who had personal design within, like the one that John used to trap and defeat Furcifer. It seems that the Seals also increase the chances of a successful Exorcism.

Elemental MagicEdit

The Elemental Magic is a conjunct of several magics that involves the control of the elements of nature. Although in Quid Pro Quo it is said there exists five elements, only a type of this magic is known, the Fire Magic


Exorcism is a religious process, sometimes treated as a Spell, that involves the expulsion of a Demon or another kind of Spirit from a living body, and ending the possession. The Exorcism cannot always be successful, as the chances of a failure are greater and the effects of a failed Exorcism can be terrible, the worst example is when Astra was condemned to Hell along with the souls of every person present in her Exorcism.

Eye of HorusEdit

The Eye of Horus is a Egyptian mark, and symbolizes protection, good health and royal power. It's used to protect someone from evil, marking it inside a triangle with a cross on the top and a rune inside, along with a line of salt to create the limit of the spell effect area.

Faustian ContractEdit

This Spell is a special type of pact. In exchange for the soul, a Demon can grant anything the person wants, until the time comes that it will take its part of the pact. The contracts can also generate magical objects, as the Acetate recorded the voice of the Devil inside it and became cryokinetic.

Fire MagicEdit

One type of Elemental Magic, the Fire Magic involves the using of fire for several purposes, like attack, defense or others. Grants control over the flames, and seems to generate not only the normal flames, but magical ones too, like blue flares.

Hiding SpellEdit

This Spell can protect something from being found by another. It's different from a Cloaking Spell because it does not occult something with magic, only prevent anyone who searches for it to find it.

Invisibility SpellEdit

This Spell can make anything invisible from someone who sees. Although good for hiding, it's is easily dispelled by a Revelation Spell.

Knowledge AdditionEdit

John constantine has to use sarah lance to cast this spell.

Reanimation SpellEdit

The correct enchantment along with the Hand of Glory can temporarily resurrect a single dead person while the candle flames are burning, leaving the person deceased again when the fire ends.

Life Absorption SpellEdit

This Spell allows someone to imbue himself or another with the souls of dead people, allowing the resurrection of the person if they die. Chas Chandler received the souls of 47 dead people in a fire, and, every time he dies, he is resurrected by one of them.

Revelation Spell Edit

Evoking the power of the five elements through the correct chant, a Mage can use this Spell to undo a Spell directed to hide something, like a Cloaking, Hiding or Invisibility Spell.

Scry Map Edit

Jasper Winters had a map of Atlanta, and he employed his abilities in the map to detect supernatural activities through the city. Later, his daughter, Liv, used the same abilities to create a supernatural map of the United States. She dropped blood all through the map, and when something is occurring, the dried blood became wet.

Sleep SpellEdit

This Spell, when cast, makes the target fall asleep immediately afterwards.

Soul Theft SpellEdit

This Spell is the Saint Graal of the black magic. When used, creates a black smoke which envelops the target and steals the soul, leaving behind only the body without the soul, inside a permanent state of sleep.

Spirit ExpulsionEdit

Can be considered an alternative Exorcism, the Spirit Expulsion is the act of expulsion from a place where a Spirit hasn't possessed anyone yet. It's much easier and safer than the Exorcism itself, but, different from the permanent effects of the Exorcism, the Spirit Expulsion only maintains the spirit's distance from the caster while the spell is chanted.

Spirit SummoningEdit

This Spell can be considered the reversal form of the Exorcism and the Spirit Expulsion. This Spell, instead of removing a spirit, invokes one to the world. Gypsy Magic can be used to summon a deceased person, as a Romani used it to evoke Coblynau to kill miners. Seems that this Spell also grants the control of the spirits, as the Coblynau are pacific spirits, but the Romani used them as murderers.

Spirit ContactEdit

Using a pentagram with a symbol inside it, and candles through its tips, a circle of persons can contact a spirit through an object of its possession. Some powerful spirits can possess someone through this contact. Water of the Jordan River serves to amplify the contact.

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