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Liv Aberdine
Liv Aberdine.png
General Information
Gender Female
Hair color Brunette
Eye color Blue
Status Alive
Species Human
Affiliations Herself
Allies & Enemies
Allies John Constantine
Chas Chandler
Ritchie Simpson
Enemies Nergal
Series Information
Season(s) 1
First episode Non Est Asylum
Last episode Non Est Asylum
Portrayer Lucy Griffiths

Liv Aberdine is the daughter of Jasper Winters. She briefly worked with John Constantine to banish a demon that was pursuing her.

She is portrayed by Lucy Griffiths.


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Liv is first seen in her office exchanging fortune cookies with her co-worker. Liv opens her cookie and finds it completely blank. She leaves the office and walks to her car. The car starts acting weird, so she decides to walk home. As Liv starts walking, cracks start to appear in the asphalt, and the road subsequently explodes. At the same time, John Constantine arrives in a taxi. John introduces himself and gives her his card. John explains that something is hunting Liv. She takes his card, reads it, and leaves. Liv safely arrives at her apartment with her friend, Talia. Liv sees a man entering the building and quickly enters her room. Outside, someone carves a symbol on her door. Liv changes into night clothes and goes to sleep. She is awoken by helicopter lights and finds police officers outside her room. She steps outside and sees Talia's dead body.[1]

She carpools in a police car to work, and meets John Constantine standing against a cab. Liv tells him that her friend died last night, and shows him a picture of a symbol that was carved on her door. John tells her it's called the "Eye of Horus", an Egyptian symbol of protection. John introduces Chas Chandler to her, the man that drew the symbol on her door. John explains to her that he knew her father and was asked to look over her. While conversing, a van crashes into Liv's office. She and the other two go to investigate. They see Talia on the bonnet of the van with white eyes. Liv leaves and heads home. At home, Liv demands her mother tell her more about her father. Her mother tells her he was someone she met at a concert. Liv sees her dead grandmother caressing her mother's hair. Suddenly, her grandmother's eyes turn black and she starts ooze out black liquid. Horrified at the sight, Liv leaves.[1]

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Powers and Abilities[]

When she touches her father's pendant, it focuses on her ability to see all the planes that exist, also, when she holds it over a map, she starts to bleed, and then the blood moves to a part where lots of dark magic is happening.


  • She was written out of the show and replaced by Zed Martin as the female lead.