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Mammon (Constantine).jpg
General Information
Gender Male
Status Alive
Species Demon
Affiliations Himself
Allies & Enemies
Family God (Grandfather)

Lucifer (Father)

Allies Demons
Enemies John Constantine
Appears in Constantine
Constantine: The Novelization

Mammon is Lucifer's son who unsuccessfully tried to create his own kingdom on Earth by breaking through onto the human plane. To do so, he required a powerful psychic that could sustain him. [1]


Mammon is Lucifer's son who was conceived through unknown means. Mammon intended to invade the Earth/Mortal plane with his army of Demons and use it as his personal kingdom. To do so, he required a powerful psychic, and divine assistance. However, his plans were shattered by John Constantine when he summoned Lucifer. [1]


Mammon can take any form he pleases, but generally he looks like a muscular, red-skinned, bald, tall humanoid.

Powers and Abilities[]

'As the Son of Lucifer,(In the film context/ Vertigo Comics), Mammon is a demon of incredible power. Absolutely indomitable by humans, magic, or lower ranking demons and Angels. In the Film he is the High Prince of the Seven Princes of Hell, and only Satan is stronger in their Realm. He is immensely powerful. So much so, his form could not be contained by just any mortal; but only a powerful psychic. He is shown to be able to possess others, and spread chaos and death with his mere presence. Beeman states that Mammon is the last demon we would ever want to cross over. He also appears to have lower ranking demons strictly loyal to him.. Showing his great Leadership and Manipulative skills. All in all, while Mammon is not a demon to be trifled with in the least, he is no match for God, the Archangels and on a minor note.. Constantine's Clever resources.


  • Contrary to popular belief, it is actually Gabriel, who kills Chas Kramer, not Mammon.
  • There's a possibility that Mamon serves as the film's counterpart of Nergal, from the comic book series.