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General Information
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Hair color Black
Eye color Yellow
Status Alive
Species Angel
Affiliations Heaven
Allies & Enemies
Allies John Constantine (questionable)
Zed Martin
Enemies Demons
Series Information
Season(s) 1
First episode Non Est Asylum
Portrayer Harold Perrineau

Manny is an angelic ally of John Constantine. After being ordered by heaven to watch over John, Manny has been working with John to stop the oncoming rising darkness.

He is portrayed by Harold Perrineau.


Early Life[]

Next to nothing is known about Manny's life before he met John. However, being an angel, it is possible he has existed for thousands, if not, millions of years. In the episode "Rage of Caliban", he mentioned to John that he "used to have a tight horn section back in the day." In the Pilot, Manny said that he was asked to watch over John.

Non Est Asylum[]

After a large sink hole had appeared inside a road, prompting John to investigate, Manny appears before him. Manny tells John that he shouldn't be down in the sinkhole and asks him what he's doing. Manny introduces himself and tells John that he was asked to watch over him. Manny mentions John's damnation and explains how things are crawling out from the shadows. Manny leaves when he hears sirens, saying "people can sense what's on the way" leaving John clueless. Manny appears again before John at a security gate to Ritchie Simpson's office. Because John has time pressures, Manny stops time and makes the rain disappear completely. John informs Manny that it's a demon from the inner circle that's hunting Liv Aberdine. John accuses Manny of utilizing him, solely to gather information. Manny rebuttals, stating his intentions; to use the knowledge to save lives. He then goes on to insult John, mentioning Astra before leaving.[1]

Later, Manny appears at a pub after John had sent Furcifer back to Hell. Manny tells him that Ritchie had to drive through Edgewood Avenue. Manny is angry about the fact that John scared Liv away, and that he saw Liv's power as value. John continues to talk, and subtly mentions that he's agreed to work with Manny. As John leaves the pub, Manny does the same.[1]

The Devil's Vinyl[]

Manny arrives at the hospital where John and Zed were questioning a dying Marcus Mooney. There, Manny uses his angelic abilities to freeze time and send Marcus Mooney's soul to the afterlife. Later, after John was slowly bleeding to death as a result of Papa Midnite's actions, Manny appears before him, possessing the body of a nearby hobo. John demands Manny to cut him loose, but the Angel is forbidden from doing so. Manny accuses John of wanting the devil's vinyl for himself, which John acknowledges. Manny then questions if John has the courage to deal with the vinyl. After John once again demands to be cut loose, Manny leaves, saying that John has it under control.[2]

A Feast of Friends[]

Manny appears before John, while the latter is having a picnic with Zed Martin. He discusses Zed's powers, and how they'll be useful in their fight against darkness. Manny mentions Liv, and how John scared her off, however, John rebuttals, and saids Zed is "as tough as they come". He goes on to say that the majority of humans are not cut out to do what John does, and leaves. Manny later appears before John before he breaks the glass door of a museum, to ask him whether he's confident to proceed with his plan. Manny appears sad, but knowing that John can endure it, he leaves. After the demon, Mnemoth had been trapped inside Gary Lester, Manny comes to the mill house to watch as Gary dies.[3]

Rage of Caliban[]

While John is snooping around a murder scene inside of a house, Manny suddenly appears before him. He jokingly tells a startled John that he had an entire section "back in the day" to announce his arrival. Aside from the humor, Manny wants to draw up battle plans with John - who he compares to St. Peter, Ignatius of Antioch, and Joan of Arc - against the rising darkness. After John performs a spell, and discovers an evil spirit going around possessing children, Manny leaves. Later, after John is arrested and put into jail, Manny appears yet again. While arguing over Manny's lack of assistance in John's cases, Manny disagrees and recalls John's childhood. Before leaving for the last time, Manny offers diminutive advice to John, telling him to look back at his own childhood to solve the case.[4]

Blessed Are The Damned[]

Manny is summoned by John to address a problem concerning a preacher wielding immense power. John yet again tells Manny to help him, however, the angel angrily reminds him that his kind cannot directly sway the outcome of events. He abruptly leaves. Later, after finding an injured angel, by the name of Imogen, Manny comes to see his sister. John mentions how he could have helped find her faster, but Manny simply explains that angels are compartmentalized to keep humanity's free will intact. He then further explains how a mortal has never been able to remove an angel's feather, and that Imogen will eventually die if the feather isn't returned to her. After John casts a protection spell on Imogen, and leaves to retrieve the feather, Manny stays to watch over Imogen. Later, while John and Zed are fending off a horde of ghouls, Manny is seen conversing with Imogen. Manny asks Imogen what it's like to be on the mortal plane, and what it's like to feel pain, and the warmth of the sun. The angels discuss how humans take their gift from god for granted. When Zed returns the feather, and Imogen is reveals herself as a fallen angel, Manny is shocked. As Zed is being strangled by Imogen, Manny possesses Zed's body and overpowers the fallen angel. Manny then proceeds to rip out Imogen's heart. Back at the mill house, Manny tells John that his actions will have consequences.[5]

Powers and Abilities[]

Manny is an Angel that possesses several different powers. However, only powers that have been displayed on the show has been listed.

  • Angelic physiology: Being an angel, Manny harnesses a number of divine powers.
    • Reality warping: Manny can appear to completely change features of reality, including making it as if it has stopped raining.
    • Immortality: Manny possesses an infinite life span, as he can never die, never age, and can shrug off virtually any kind of physical damage.
    • Possession: While he is on Earth, Manny can possess human bodies and use them as hosts and manifest his supernatural powers through them.
    • Teleportation: Manny is able to transport from place to place, seemingly in no time at all.
    • Time manipulation: Manny can stop time and allow whoever he chooses to remain unaffected. He utilizes this ability to talk to anyone he wishes without taking time out of their day.
    • Wing manifestation: Manny is able to use his wings to take flight in to the sky.
    • Supernatural strength: Manny, like all angels, possesses strength which is well above that of an any human. He is apparently stronger than some Angels as he easily defeated and killed the fallen angel, Imogen, by effortlessly removing her heart from her chest.
    • Vitakinesis: According to John Constantine, Manny has the ability to heal human beings from any injury. John begged Manny to use this ability to heal Zed when the latter was diagnosed with a tumor.
    • Pyrokinesis: Manny was able to ignite John's squire map on fire with his mind.
    • Soul transferral: Manny possesses the ability of sending souls to Heaven
    • Telekinesis: Manny unlocks handcuffs remotely.
    • Interdimensional travel: Manny is able to travel from Heaven to Earth immediately.


  • Air from Hades: Even a brief time of exposure to air of Hades will render Manny unconscious.
  • Disconnection from Heaven: Despite Manny's enormous power, he cannot stay on Earth for very long, as his angelic powers begin to weaken and will eventually lose them if he stays long enough.



  • Every scene where Manny appears has a specific intent. These intents however, have not been revealed.