Marcus Mooney
Marcus Moon 1x03
General Information
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Hair color White
Eye color Blue
Status Deceased
Species Human
Affiliations Moonrise Records
Allies & Enemies
Series Information
Season(s) 1
First episode The Devil's Vinyl
Last episode The Devil's Vinyl
Portrayer Nicholas Pryor

Marcus Mooney was the head of Moonrise Records. Marcus died shortly after giving John Constantine and Zed Martin crucial information about The Devil's Vinyl.

He is portrayed by Nicholas Pryor.


Early lifeEdit

At an unknown point in time, Marcus Mooney founded Moonrise Records. After establishing the company, Willie Cole,a blues musician who had sold his soul to the devil, recorded on an acetate in Mooney's Studio on the same night that the Devil came to claim his soul. Marcus found the record in the studio and tried to destroy it, but after constant failure, he hid it inside the wall instead.

Later life Edit

Decades later, a private investigator approached Marcus about the vinyl and bought its location from him.


"The Devil's Vinyl"Edit

After discovering that the vinyl originated from Moonrise Records, John and Zed decide to pay the company's founder, Marcus Mooney, a visit. They meet Marcus on his deathbed in a hospital. Zed comforts Marcus before John begins to ask questions. Marcus tells them the origin of the record, involving a blue's man by the name of Willy Cole. Marcus also tells them about the private investigator that approached him about the record, and that the investigator paid him for its location. Marcus died shortly afterwards, his soul was sent to the afterlife by the angel, Manny.[1]