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Ritchie Simpson
Ritchie Simpson.png
General Information
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Status Alive
Species Human
Affiliations Himself
Allies & Enemies
Allies John Constantine
Liv Aberdine
Chas Chandler
Enemies Demons
Series Information
Season(s) 1
First episode Non Est Asylum
Portrayer Jeremy Davies

Ritchie Simpson is an old and former friend of John Constantine who helps him with cases. His most recent case with Constantine was deporting a demon from the inner circle back to hell.

He is portrayed by Jeremy Davies.


Early Life[]

Not much is known about Ritchie's early life.

Newcastle Incident[]

Ritchie was involved in a case with John in Newcastle, England. Ritchie assisted John in expelling a demon from a young girl named Astra. The case resulted in Astra being damned to hell, along with John's soul. Ritchie suffered trauma from the incident, and now has trouble sleeping.


"Non Est Asylum"[]

After discovering that Furcifer was responsible for the attacks on Liv Aberdine, John decides to seek help from Ritchie. John visits Ritchie in his office, and the latter is initially hostile and uneasy towards him. Ritchie starts to ridicule John for the case in Liverpool and wishies it was him that was banished and not Astra. Despite this, Ritchie is convinced to help John send Furcifer back to hell. After Furcifer had been trapped inside a demon seal, John initiates his plan and Ritchie shuts off the city's power grid, which weakens Furcifer. After the demon had been banished, Ritchie drives Liv back home.[1]



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