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Detective Rascal Detective Rascal 14 December 2014


A popular thing to do with any character is Gender Bend it, turning a male character into a female one, or a female character into a male one, or doing all kinds of different things with that character to switch it around. 

You'll find it a lot in very popular TV Shows; Sherlock BBC, Supernatural, Doctor Who, and other fandoms that aren't those particular big three. So of course I didn't expect to find a Genderbent cast/characters of Constantine, and I went ahead and did my own genderbending of Constantine. 

John Constantine became Jane Constantine.

Chas Chandler became Chasitity Chandler.

Zed became Zed (I admit, not much of a name change there) 

Manny became Maddie

I have my own versions of the Genderbent cast, but I don't want to spoiler anyo…

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