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Vermin Man
Vermin Man Small.png
General Information
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Status Deceased/In Hell
Species Full-Fledged Demon
Affiliations Hell
Allies & Enemies
Enemies Constantine
Appears in Constantine
Portrayer Larry Cedar

Vermin Man was a full-fledged demon who was able to cross onto the mortal plane through unknown means. He attacked John Constantine in public until battle continued onto the road, Vermin man was then killed by on-going traffic. [1]


Vermin Man was able to cross over to the mortal plane through unknown means, and used a group of insects and other creepy crawlies to physically manifest himself.[1]

He approaches John on the side of the road in the pouring rain asking for a light. As John rummages through his jacket pocket, Vermin Man hits John whilst the latter is still crouched down. The force of the impact sends John flying a few feet away. Vermin Man then forces himself onto John, where he proceeds to choke him, John swipes at him but deals no damage to the swarm of insects. John, whilst being held down by Vermin Man, tries to reach for his Screeching Beetles. John manages to shake the packet of screeching beetles by hitting it with a construction sign. Hitting the packet of beetles causes them to screech which sounds like nails on a chalkboard to all demons. The screech causes the swarm of bugs to dissipate away, allowing John to get to his feet. The swarm of bugs quickly reassemble and go after John again. John then fools Vermin Man by drawing him to the middle of the road with heavy traffic. Taunting John, Vermin Man lunges for him, at the same time, a truck hits the swarm of bugs, causing them to permanently dissipate. [1]

Powers and Abilities[]

Volukinesis - Vermin Man exhibited the ability to manipulate and spawn insects, as well as having them fully compose his body.