Constantine Wiki
General Information
Age unknown
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green (snake eyes)
Status Deceased
Species Demon
Affiliations La Brujéria
Allies & Enemies
Enemies John Constantine

Anne Marie Zed Martin Chas Chandler

Series Information
Season(s) 1
First episode The Saint of Last Resorts - Part 2

Vincente is a demon and a employed of the La Brujería. He was The Original Tempter.



Vincente has had a lot of names, but he is generaly known as The Tempter. He is the snake that inhabited the Garden of Eden. He dared Eve and Adam to offend God.


Employed by La Brujería, Vicente sneaks into the Mexican prison intending to kill John. His secret deal with a british lawyer  lands John a longer stay in jail, but once Vicente no longer needs the official, he eats him.

Anne Marie plunges Ceremonial the Tibetan Phurba knife it into Vicente.

So Vicente crashes John's first attempt to exorcise Pazuzu. John and Anne Marie recognize him in quick succession as "the tempter" . Hence his prowess for all things slithery.

Once Vicente realizes John's near-demonic state, he chooses to wait out the transformation, so John might soon join him as an ally. Armed with the Ceremonial Tibetan Phurba knife, Anne Marie goes against John's wishes and plunges it into Vicente.


  • When introducing himself to John and co., he called himself also "Nehash". The word נחש (pronounced Na-Hash) in Hebrew literally means "snake".